Combine Two Collections

Combine Collections

Movie File Merger supports the selective combination/maintenance of video collections, movies, series, or documentaries. It can be used for other types of collections, but it is optimized for videos. The Lists tab is the main tab to combine video collections. Use it to move items around in the different lists, sort your collection, or rip the collection of a friend.

Select Select

Select which videos are copied or moved. Only videos in the Wish list are considered. To select videos or movies from your friend's collection you just need his or her list. You can select them at home and once finished go to your friend and start copying.

Distribute Distribute

Lists are small for distribution over the internet. Once you have scanned your collection, you can send it to your friend, who can select what to copy offline.

Ignore Ignore

Videos in the Existing and Garbage lists are ignored. That way you don't have to worry about copying the same crappy movies again and again.

Predefine Predefine

Select movies according to predefined genre lists from the internet, for example, IMDb. Just drop the list in the Wish list and only videos from that genre are copied. If you want to ignore a complete category, then drop it in the Garbage list.

Filter Filter

Select videos according to resolution or other details such as media information; for example, horizontal resolution is greater than 1000 pixels. Filters are Regular Expressions and really flexible.

Search Search

Search for movies or series information on the internet, like on TheTVDb. Drop any list entry on the Search for information drop area.

Download Download

Search for torrents on the web. Select the sites, which should be searched, and drop any list entry on the Download drop area.

Inspect Inspect

List detailed media information with MediaInfo. Any videos in the Existing list are scanned with the relevant media information.

View View

View video media information in the pop-ups when hovering over a list entry. Any videos in the Existing list are scanned with the relevant media information. Basic information is shown in the screen tip when hovering over the list entry.

Play Play

Play videos in the Import list with your default player. Drop any video existing on connected hard disks on the Play drop area.

Rip Rip

Click on Just Rip It... to get all videos in the Import folder. Videos in the Existing and Garbage lists are not touched.

Scan Scan

Click on Just Scan It... to scan all videos in all top level folders on all hard disks connected to the computer. The top level folders have to contain the collection name so that videos in that folder are put in the according collection.

Maintain Your Collections

Maintain Your Collections

Movie File Merger makes the maintenance of your collections easier. It points out bad names, supports moving and sorting into collection types. The Maintenance tab is used to cleanup your newly acquired videos and add-on files or to cleanup your collection in general. It is used in conjunction with the Windows Explorer or FileBot, but basically, you can use it with any program, which accepts file drops.

Bin Bin

Get rid of garbage files in your collections. Move irrelevant files into the Windows Recycle Bin.

Suck Suck

Suck relevant files out of download folders. Irrelevant files can be sucked into the recycle bin or just ignored. No need for the tiresome clicking until your fingers fall off.

Rename Rename

Drop movies or series with bad names into FileBot to rename them.

Differentiate Differentiate

Differentiate automatically between documentaries, series, and movies. Good and bad names are highlights and nonrelated files identified.

Move Move

Move movies or series with good names in other folders. Move nonrelated files in the Windows Recycle Bin.

Check Check

Check if all files in your collection have a good name. Bad names, which are not following the naming conventions are pointed out. They can be dropped into FileBot, or any other program, which is specialized in renaming files.

Remember Your Collections

Remember Your Collections

Movie File Merger helps you to remember your collections. As your collection grows it'll be impossible to remember everything.

Remember Remember

Movie File Merger remembers all the videos you have. You'll never copy the same movie again and again.

Dump Dump

Movie File Merger remembers all the video you don't want to have. You'll not copy the same crappy movies with a good title again and again.

Update Update

Movie File Merger is designed so that your collection information can be easily updated once out of date. Just Scan it takes a while if there are many new entries, but runs basically in the background.

Bring Bring

Movie Filer Merger is portable so that you can run it from anywhere, on any hard disk or memory stick, or even your phone is you use it as such.

Categorize Categorize

The videos are split into categories, which are easier to handled and remember. The Miscellaneous category can be used to remember temporarily things.

Keep Keep

Lists can be archived to keep a history of your collection over time. To get a list of all the movies ever owned, they can be combined in a single large list.

Hidden Benefits

Hidden Benefits

Movie File Merger is designed so that it is quite flexible. How and for what to use it depends basically on you. That means you'll have to use it for some time to figure out which way is best.

Backup Backup

Considering the size of video files, it is not practical to have your collections double. It's a good idea to backup your video collections on hard disks of others. That way they can watch your videos and you save space.

Gather Gather

Social gathering when visiting your friend. If you connect your two hard disks, transfer rates are best. That's also a good opportunity to have a beer or two.

Save Save

Save internet bandwidth, because large data quantities are moved over USB or similar. Independent how fast your internet connection is, you are much faster when using Movie File Merger.

Speed-up Speed-up

Faster than backing up in the cloud. Transferring data over USB 3.0 is around 150 MB/s. When used to rip collections without too much thinking, that means that you'll get around 300 GB per hour. You can sort out the details later.

Evaluate Evaluate

Your friends are checking the quality of movies before you get them. Bad stuff will be cut off at the roots and deleted before you can get it.

Explore Explore

The other are searching the internet for good downloads for you, what is actually quite a lot of work. If you don't like something it can all the time be added to the Garbage list and deleted.


Movie File Merger Screenshots

The layout of Movie File Merger is improved frequently, so some screenshots might be out of date...

Application Screenshots

The screenshots shown below are based on Movie Filer Merger version 0.4.0.

  • MFM Lists
  • MFM Maintenance
  • MFM Log
  • MFM Settings
  • image slider
  • MFM About
MFM Lists1 MFM Maintenance2 MFM Log3 MFM Settings4 MFM Instructions5 MFM About6
wowslider by v8.6

On the Web

Movie File Merger can be found in many places on the web...

MFM on GitHub1 MFM on SourceForge2 MFM Online User Manual3 MFM Forum4 MFM Web AppVisor5 MFM Web OpenHub6 MFM on StatCounter7 MFM on Google Analytics8 MFM on FileCart9 MFM on FreewareFiles10 MFM on Windows 10 Compatible11 MFM on GearDownload12
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GHacks Rewarded Movie Filer Merger 5 Stars by Martin Brinkmann
Movie File Merger is an interesting program for users who want to move or copy video files. It does not really matter if you want to perform those operations on your own movie collection or if you use it to merge a friend's collection with your own.

Movie Filer Merger Review on Baixaki by Ana Nemes
O Movie File Merger é uma opção interessante para criar coleções de vídeo de forma mais prática, principalmente se você quiser transferir arquivos e informações de um computador para o outro.

Movie Filer Merger Review on SharewarePROS
Movie File Merger is an useful program, intended for people that need to administer long movie's collections; it offers a simple way to copy, move files and also enables to merge collections taking care about duplications.

Movie Filer Merger Review on by Bùi Minh Quang
Movie File Merger cung cấp chức năng ghép nối và tổ chức các file video của bạn trong một bộ sưu tập duy nhất, nơi bạn có thể truy cập để xem phim mà không phải mất công tìm kiếm như trước. Phần mềm này được thiết kế với mục đích giúp bạn quản lý tốt hơn các bộ phim và video dưới nhiều thể loại và nhiều hình thức, nhưng cũng có thể được áp dụng cho âm nhạc hay các định dạng khác, tuy nhiên lý tưởng nhất là dành cho các video.

Movie File Merger Review on Free Downloads Center
Movie File Merger is the most ideal program helpful with the selective combination of video collections, like home videos, movies, series, or documentaries. As the name suggests, this handy program enhanced with the latest technology and a fast and straightforward interface helps you with the selective combination of video collections, like home videos, movies, series, or documentaries. It is also useful with other collections, like music, or other files, and is optimized for videos. This capable software also supports the option of playing the video with your default player.

Movie Filer Merger Review on Softpedia by Vlad Constantinescu
Manage your video collections in a quick, effective manner by turning to this lightweight application that provides you with various relevant tools.>
If you're a movie aficionado, have a fairly large collection and like to keep it well-organized, you might consider looking for help in the software department. Movie File Merger, for instance, is a specialized application that can help you manage your video collection in an efficient manner by providing you with many helpful tools.
All things considered, if you'd like to keep your video collection organized, you might want to try Movie File Merger, as it can provide you with various useful tools that can help you do so.