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There are two books to read in conjunction with Movie File Merger.
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User Manual Movie File Merger User Manual

The Movie File Merger Usage section explains how to work with Movie File Merger and frequent used third party programs. The Movie File Merger Settings section explains the configuration of Movie File Merger; basically, there should be at first no need to change the settings. The installation of all recommended programs is explained in the Installation section. Click on the user manual cover to view the manual or download it.

How to Organize Videos How to Organize Videos

To organize videos on your hard disks seems like a simple thing. At least it is as long as the number of videos and available space stays within limits... If your stuff does not fit on one hard disk anymore, things start to get a little bit more complicated and duplicates are harder to avoid. General questions concerning the organization arise; how should the videos be grouped, so that they can be easily found... What happens if a hard disk dies?



Movie File Merger is free and all features are available in the free version.
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Time Contribution Movie File Merger Time Contribution

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Another way of contributing is to share your experience with Movie File Merger on Tips & Tricks for Movie File Merger or your ideas about how to organize videos on hard disks in general on Tips & Tricks for Organizing Videos.

Movie File Merger on GitHub

Fork Movie File Merger on GitHub and contribute to the program.

Or contribute to the Movie File Merger User Manual user manual GitBook.

Or contribute to the How to Organize Videos on Your Hard Disks to organize videos GitBook.



For general information send a mail to Movie File Merger Info or for support to Movie File Merger Support. For personal user support, just contact Modi.

Suggestions Movie File Merger Suggestions

If you have suggestions or ideas concerning Movie File Merger or one of the books, please post on...

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Bugs Movie Filer Merger Bugs

If you find a bug, please post it on the Movie File Merger Bug Reports forum.

Issues Movie File Merger GitHub Issue Tracker

If you are on GitHub you can also use one of the below-listed issue trackers to submit problems. Movie File Merger is built up out of 4 separate GitHub projects, that's why it has also 4 bug trackers.

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