Movie File Merger

Combine/Maintain Video Collections on Hard Disks

Movie File Merger makes video collection management faster and easier. It's made for all skill levels, just drag and drop folders from Windows Explorer into the lists or list entries from one list to another.

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Movie File Merger supports the selective combination of video collections, movies, series, or documentaries on your hard disks. It can be used also for other types of collections, or basically any files, but it is optimized for videos.

Combine Two Collections

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Movie File Merger points out bad names of movies, documentaries, or episodes, so that they can be renamed with FileBot. Unrelated files can be moved in the recycle bin. Videos can be sucked out of sub-folders and moved to the according folders.

Maintain Your Collection

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Movie File Merger remembers all videos you have in different categories, like Movies, Documentaries, Series, Adult, Miscellaneous, or Clips, and which videos you don't want to have anymore. You'll never copy the same videos again and again.

Remember Your Collection

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Movie File Merger is designed quite flexible. How and for what to use it depends on you. Use it to figure out all features and which way is best for you.

Hidden Benefits

Portable Movie File Merger is Portable

Movie File Merger is portable and can be run from anywhere, on any hard disk, memory stick, or even your phone. If Movie File Merger is run in Dropbox it's easier to share lists with other people.

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Free Movie File Merger is Free

Movie File Merger is free, will be all the time free and all features are available in the free version. If you use Movie File Merger and it saves you time, a little donation is of course very welcome.

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Interfacing Movie File Merger Interfaces

Movie File Merger works together with multiple other programs, like FileBot, GOM, VLC, MediaInfo, or TeraCopy. All of them are free. Other programs are either directly controlled or, if they accept file drops, files can be dropped there from the Maintenance interface.

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